My newly adopted cat would not eat. Even the vet wasn’t sure what to do.  After her session with Rachael, she shared what she wanted and I started there. Even though it was not an ideal diet, it was better than not eating.  The very next meal she ate one whole small can of food (1/2 of her needs according to the directions on the can).  I felt this was real progress on the food front! Also, she was so distant from us and we could not get her to interact or let us hold her. It was almost like she was shutting down between the not eating and no touching.  The following night I had company over to watch a movie.  Ellie the cat was shy with them but did not leave the room completely and actually played a little.  She is following me like a little shadow all over the house and crawls into my lap every time I sit down now.  When I lie down on the sofa she sleeps on top of me.  Rachael surely did something to make her relax and know she is home.  Right now she has climbed into the top shelf of the computer desk and is curled up in the letter tray.  She’s a different kitty!!! I thank you for your amazing talent! You have really made a difference in Ellie's life.

Karen Robinette San Antonio, TX November 8, 2016

I contacted Rachael in January 2016, having adopted a 5 year old 55 lb. sweet, submissive male Labradoodle - Malloy - as a 4th member of my pack.   Existing/ previous pack members were 2 little boys 7 and 13 lbs,. and a 16 lb. girl, Piper, who had always been a bit of a bitch but not previously unmanageable. Upon introduction of Malloy into the household, Piper growled at Malloy whenever he came into the room, and on a number of occasions lunged at him to attack when she apparently thought he was too close (usually 10 to 20 feet away but variable).  At that time I came upon an advertisement for Rachael's services and realized an animal communicator was exactly what I needed, so I could understand why Piper did not like Malloy and address the problem.  However I also worried that I would not be able to tell if the communication was "real". Immediately Rachael put me at ease and related a couple of things Malloy and Piper told her that made it apparent that real communication was occurring.  And not only did Rachael broker a truce between Piper and Malloy wherein Piper gave Malloy a kiss and promised to try really hard to accept him (she has never attacked him since), but after I accepted Rachael's offer to prepare a specially tailored Bach Flower Remedy for Piper, she became more agreeable than ever. Not perfect, but significantly changed and much nicer. While the problem relationship with two of my dogs was my only original motive for contacting Rachael, she gave me other significant information from Malloy that helped me troubleshoot a medical problem that he came to me with.  Rachael related a number of details and facts about Malloy's condition and his having been hit by a car, that I later verified with previous owners and specialty veterinarians and that led me to a correct and inexpensive solution for his problem.  Also, I am embarrassed to admit that while I thought I was doing a great job of feeding my pups exactly right, giving them raw food etc., 3 out of 4 of them told Rachael they wanted a bit of change in their diet and/ or a bit more food, and they are clearly happier with their adjusted diets. And last, as all of my dogs except Malloy are from rescues or shelters, the ages I was given for them were estimates.  Rachael told me that my oldest dog is 12 not 6 years old as I thought, which explains what seemed to be possible premature signs of aging, and that the other two small dogs also are a bit older than I was told.  Rachael said my oldest dog was losing his hearing, which explains why he no longer always comes when I call like he used to although I had not shared this information with Rachael. All in all, using Rachael's services seems like about the best thing I have ever done for my dogs and for myself too.  Being able to communicate with all of one's family members and not just the human ones makes life so much richer.  I will be ever indebted to Rachael for adding a new dimension to my life and to those of my dogs, and for solving problems that previously seemed unsolvable or that I had not even been able to identify as problems.  Thank you, Rachael.

D. Ritter Lynnwood, WA November 8, 2016

As always, you are amazing!  And right on. I am so happy Penny likes it here.  And that he is warm. Thank you so much for your help with our feathered friend!

Eliana November 8, 2016

I am very grateful to Rachael for the distance reading she provided for us.  My two owners, Zorro & Tonto, are 2 year old fur brothers, who adopted me when they were just 4 months old.  From the beginning, Zorro has been very clear about his likes and dislikes,  however his brother Tonto, has a disposition that, up until we met Rachael, has been more of a mystery to me. I am very good at talking to my kitty boys, what Rachael helped me understand is what Tonto was wanting me to know. We heard about Rachael and her work from Julie Austin, who is a pet photographer.  We had made an appointment for Julie to come to our home to take photos of our family ( mostly the boys, a few of all of us ), and then it dawned on me that in the past when we had company, Tonto would disappear! We live in a small one bedroom condo, so there aren't that many places to hide, but he would quietly find ( and squish into ) any place where he could observe without being seen.  I wanted our photo session with Julie to be fun for all of us, so when I asked her for ideas, she suggessted we contact Rachael, who did a distance reading for us.  I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical  since I had no previous experience with animal communication , however I love my kitty boys and would do anything to help them feel loved,secure and content, especially since they have enriched my life in so many ways. I gave Rachael a photo of Tonto as well as a list of about 10 questions, and we had a phone consultation about a week later.  To say I was amazed is an understatement!  Any skepticism I may have had was gone and I will be forever thankful that Rachael helped me understand my Tonto.  What I especially appreciate is that all the information and ideas were conveyed in such a kind, gentle knowledgable way and Rachael had practical ideas on what would help my Tonto want to participate rather than hide.  Rachael is not only a gifted animal communicator, she communicates wonderfully with pet parents providing Tonto's answers in such a way that it's clear they've had a conversation.  Since our consultation with Rachael, we've been putting her ideas into practice gradually  and as a result both of my owners feel loved and understood🐈. AND our photos are beautiful! Rachael, You have made an immeasurably wonderful difference in our lives and all 3 of us are grateful!

K and the boys November 8, 2016

The support and assistance she has offered to my dogs and I is beyond measure. 2015 was a year of transition, change and loss for my dogs and I. Divorce and a move from the home we loved, brought many emotions for us all. We met with Rachael face to face and had follow up phone sessions for ongoing support. She was able to communicate to the dogs what was happening, and helped me to understand what I could do to support them through this time of change. She also helped me to understand their sometimes unpredictable behaviors towards other dogs. With Rachael's support, we have transitioned into a new home and she has assisted me in understanding the dogs' reactions to new surroundings and people. This has helped me to create a sense of safety and boundaries for my dogs so that we can all move forward in a positive way on this new journey. It's wonderful to know that my pups and I have a strong ally and friend in Rachael for future support. And I have since recommended her to friends who have been in need of support with their furry friends.  It's been truly a blessing to have met Rachael.

Lisa Yeager Bellingham, WA November 8, 2016

A few years ago at a silent auction, I bid on and won a Beyond Barking certificate for a free pet communication session. Having no idea of what animal communication was all about, I was curious, however,  I also will admit that I was skeptical and thought I'd hear general info that could be applied to any cat. Believe me when I say, the result of the session pretty much blew my mind, and, I am no longer a skeptic! The personal details and accuracy of the information Rachael relayed to me from my boy, Patch was information she could not have known without communicating with him. My questions were very general so as to not feed my skepticism monster and then feel that my question had led to a certain outcome. For example, when Patch was a 2-month-old  kitten, he lost his brother in a very tragic incident. I had no idea if/how much it might have affected him, or if he would even remember the incident as it had occurred about 11 years prior. I asked Rachael to ask Patch if he had ever suffered grief or trauma in his life. Not only did Patch tell Rachael he had lost a very close buddy, he also told her his buddy had black fur. Patch's sibling, the kitten who died, was a black kitten. Then she told me that Patch thought the house was too cold and drafty at night. There was no way Rachael could have known that we had no heater that winter and the house was very cold and drafty, especially at night. I could go on and on... Since then Rachael has communicated with a number of my fur kids, some still with me, a few who have made the journey over the Rainbow Bridge, and even a few fosters. Every time, she has verified details she couldn't have known about my fur babies and, many times given me comfort that all is/was OK with them. Rachael is a truly special, gifted, kind, compassionate and beautiful soul who not only cares about our pets, she also truly cares about the pet parents and what we are going through with our fur kids. She always goes at least 100 extra miles to bring comfort, often hope, and many times peace. She feels our pain when communicating with our sometimes ill or dying pets, and our joy for our happy and healthy pets. I look forward to many more pet communication sessions with Rachael because she is true and real. I thank my lucky stars every day, every time I look or think about one of my fur kids, for having the incredible luck to have crossed paths with her. Everyone should be so lucky as to cross paths with Rachael! And, most important, there are no words to describe my gratitude for what she does for all animals, including people! Thank you Rachael!!

Chris G. San Leandro, CA November 8, 2016

I met Rachael some months ago when searching for an alternative way to understand why my puppy Bently was having some behavior changes. I was a new dog owner with a very overzealous, hyperactive, allergy stricken black lab puppy. We had some significant life transitions as well which I am sure contributed. I wanted to gain control of myself, develop the best relationship I could with Bently while settling into our new life and getting insight into his multitude of allergies and behavior. Background information: Bently was only 12 weeks old when I to adopted him. This was after the unexpected death of my cat.  I have always been a cat person but ALWAYS wanted a dog.  I needed the love of an animal around the house, but was not ready for another cat. This was the first time in my life I had the house, the financial stability, the time so I found Bently. He was from a previous owner who could not keep up with his high energy at the age of 12 weeks so I adopted him. There was not much thought other than I wanted a puppy and it just seemed right. It became clear that Bently had some dominance issues. Instead of panicking, I decided to pull in the troops and get the appropriate training for both myself and Bently. During this process, we surely found a love and bond. As Bently got older, his allergies were getting worse. Following countless vet visits, medications, ear drops and now allergy injections I needed additional insight. I always had this feeling Bently was trying to tell me more, but I was not getting it.  Perhaps maybe because I could never slow down enough to get it but I was open for any additional insight!  Meeting Rachael for the first time was awesome. Her presence is soft and her instant ability to connect with Bently was surreal.  Typically he is jumping off the walls with his traditional wiggle butt, trying to smother everyone he meets as he tinkles on their feet (now grown out of that….thank goodness) for at least the first 3 minutes of meeting someone new.  But with Rachel, he ran for a moment, came right back to her, sitting nicely and waited for a treat.  There was no commands, there was nothing more than a basic “Hi Bently.” This grabbed my attention as this was unbelievable. We talked at length about various issues but the one that stood out the most was the focus on Bently’s various allergies. I came with questions but we definitely gravitated towards the food issues. Bent (as Rachael calls him) explained to Rachael that he loved his food but that it causes him headaches and that the ‘chicken’ does not make him feel well.  Mind you, Rachael was not privy to Bently’s diet, and she was spot on with some recent changes I had made.  This to date has been a blessing. In addition, Rachael was able to communicate with Bently who indicated that he is lonely.  He understood that I was always rushed and in a hurry which made it difficult for him to calm down in the morning. He felt he needed to hurry all the time which lead to more anxiety.  In fact this was true, our house was now empty and I was working more due to some significant changes that occurred. We discussed ways to eliminate such stressors as in talking with Bently, explaining where I was going, who was coming over to walk him, what time I would be back and actually explain why our family dynamics had changed.  Bently was confused and felt he did not know where home was with all the change.  It never dawned on me to explain this to Bently, rather I just figured he would just go with the flow.  But given how sensitive Bently is it totally made sense. I never did explain why our home is now just us. Rachel’s energy and spirit is like no other. She is a gift that I cannot thank enough!  I think of Racheal as an adjunct to my current veterinary team.  She is another player on our journey as Benlty and I explore this world. Rachael’s innate quality to communicate with Bently and I has been a wonderful experience.  She is compassionate, open, and honest and offers an insight into my dog that I do not think I would have found on my own. She has been most beneficial to my own growth as a first time dog owner and is consistently reinforcing my own need to let go of the past, be present, be less reactive and just listen. Not only is Rachael calming to Bently, she is pretty spot on with the human side too. Rachael is more than a medium that can connect with the inner voice of your animal; she is a compassionate soul who truly values all her clients, both animal and human alike. I am a firm believer that our animals come to us for a reason.  Although I am not entirely sure what that reason is; Rachael has been a valuable resource to explore this with me and Bently so we can have the best loyal relationship we can.  Bently is my bud and we are thankful to have met such a wonderful spirit that Rachael is!  She is a gem that is a part of our journey.  Bently and I thank you immensely!!!!!  

Elaine Henrickson November 7, 2016

Those who know me best, know what a hard year this has been! A year ago today, she left crossed over to be with her forever faithful Lucy, who waited for her up in the heavenly sky. They both zip around...as their souls are like shiny diamonds. They zip in, out, around, sometimes leaving each other. .but always coming back together. Had visits from Libbs throughout the night and she is a happy girl. Still full of love for her family and remaining with us from the big sky. Thank you to Rachael Millikan of Beyond Barking, for always connecting with my girls when I've needed her to..she made theses last 2 years bearable. First losing Lucy. .then Libbs. Rachael rocks the world of animal communicating!

Jennifer Connor November 7, 2016

Our family included 3 rescue dogs, one of whom was an extraordinary pitbull mix named Bubby.  To our great sadness, he became ill and passed away very quickly this past winter. Thanks to Facebook, I had become aware of Rachael’s website and was fascinated by the services she offers.  All 3 dogs had enjoyed a very close, conflict-free relationship, and after Bubby’s passing, I spent a great deal of time worrying about them.  Our grief was intense, and I agonized over our remaining pets’ states of mind and how they would recover from the loss.  When the thought came to me to contact Rachael, I was half afraid to, as the whole concept of Animal communication was unfamiliar. But we were stuck in the mourning phase, unable to move forward, and our household was not a happy place. So, I plunged ahead and dared to hope. The process was nothing short of miraculous to me--still wild with grief, I could barely formulate my questions but Rachael was compassionate, patient, and made everything easy.  When we received our surviving  pets’ responses, it was one of the most emotional moments of my life.  The wonder, comfort, and sense of peace that came with the readings is almost indescribable…it is not an exaggeration to say it changed my life.  I experienced profound relief and more importantly, healing. In the ensuing months since that first contact, things have improved around our house.  We do a few things differently for our pets and I know they are better for it.  One of our dogs has special needs, and Rachael’s work has enabled us to deal more effectively with him.  More importantly, we feel more connected to our animals.   I have also realized what an incredibly caring person Rachael is.  Since that first time, she has also helped us with a tricky situation involving a dog we were fostering, and truly saved the day.   I saw that she is all about HELPING OTHERS.  She went out of her way for us (and that’s an understatement), despite her hectic schedule.  She has broken belief barriers for us, giving me the courage to try and communicate better with our furry family members myself. We are indebted to Rachael for her loving kindness, her keen ability to assess the situation, and her undeniable skills at animal communication.  I even look at Life a little differently now. ..Thank you, Rachael!

Paige Davis Seattle, WA November 7, 2016

I have used Rachael several times to communicate with my cat that I adopted from PAWS last year. Every time Rachael sends her notes back to me, I am completely amazed. She knows things that only myself and my cat would know! Every time I read her "report", I have tears in my eyes because she is so kind and comforting. She not only asks my kitty the questions I have, but even even asks him if there is anything he would like to tell me. Everything she has said is spot on, and she has even taught me how to communicate with my cat, and it works! I can't thank her enough for her work.

Allison Lasher Seattle, WA November 7, 2016

Rachael was not the first communicator we had been to, but after meeting her, she is the only one we would trust with the well-being of Hailey, our English Black Lab. She is the best! And that doesn’t mean she tells you things she thinks she’s want you to hear, she tells you the truth, it’s not about our feelings (though she is very sensitive!) it’s about the animal. We first went to Rachael when there was no need really, we just wanted Hailey to know how much she meant to us, how she had completed our lives…..Rachael had a wonderful conversation with Hailey, and among other things new to us, told us things we already knew, but no way could she had known. Like Hailey’s favorite toy. (It’s not supposed to be a toy at all, but she treats it as such.) So when our daily situation with Hailey changed, we were beside ourselves. We wanted the best for her, and had only two options. We immediately thought of Rachael, knowing she would be able to help. Rachael listened to our concerns, then listened to Hailey. One of the many things about Rachael we admire is not just the ability to ask the question, but follow up with her own. Communicating with animals to her is not black and white, and Rachael never shies away from the gray area. She strives to get to the heart of the matter. We feel truly thankful to have met Rachael. Though I’m sure our concerns for Hailey are minor comparing to other more serious issues she helps with on a daily basis. Rachael never made our worries seem insignificant. Her ability to get answers, and get to the root of a problem is nothing short of amazing. Because of the connection with animals she has, there are many out there in a better place, she not only helps the animal, but in turn, helps the person attached. We have recommended her to others and will continue to do so. Thank you Rachael for all you do!

Emmas Lindsay Seattle, WA November 7, 2016

I cannot recommend Rachael highly enough. My 16 year old kitty, Visage, was having a number of issues, which Rachael resolved almost immediately. I didn’t mention to Rachel what any of the issues were, including Visage’s age. My questions were fairly generic, like: “How are you feeling?” “What can I do to make you more comfortable?” Rachael told me that Visage was feeling VERY sick to her stomach. (This made perfect sense, since Visage has kidney disease, and because of that she was hardly eating at all anymore – which had never been a problem before.) Rachael said Visage would like soft music, fresh air … and poached fish. (I was very surprised at the last one, since I have never poached fish in my life!) But I did as Rachael said, and a number of things happened. First, Visage stopped pulling her hair out. She had been doing this for a few weeks, and was developing a bald spot on her side. She didn’t just reduce the behavior, she stopped it altogether. Immediately. Second, I have been trying all kinds of different foods – regardless of the cost – to try to find something that tastes good to her. She was hardly eating anything, and losing weight rapidly. She absolutely yummed up the fish! I was amazed, and, of course, delighted. Then I asked Rachael to talk to Visage about having her nails trimmed. She has never liked this procedure, and has become less and less tolerant of it as she’s gotten older. The last time I tried it, she literally would NOT let me do it. I was concerned about the nail turning into her foot pad, so I had a neighbor come over to help. It was a nightmare for everyone. Screaming and hissing…and Visage wasn’t happy either. Rachael talked to her and carefully explained why it was a necessary procedure, and then told me to give her a heads up a few days ahead and an appointment time for her ‘paw-dicure.’ I did exactly that, and Visage was MUCH calmer than she had been in a while. And when she was struggling a tiny bit with one hard-to-reach nail, I asked her to help me do this. I explained how this nail was really close to pushing into the pad. She let me touch the pad – which she NEVER did before that. And she totally calmed down. She really DID help me. I was SO proud of her. And SO delighted. And she was, too. I just know it. Rachael has turned this near-trauma-inducing chore into a bonding experience! I don’t know HOW she did it; I just know THAT she did it! I won’t hesitate to call on Rachael any time I have any issues or questions about what’s going on with my dear friend.

Kathryn Gillett Seattle, WA November 7, 2016

We made an appointment to see Rachael when Auras older brother passed away due to Lymphoma a few weeks before. We wanted to ask if she would like a baby brother. Aura was always scared of EVERYTHING! No one could touch her until she trusted you, which took our roommate 3 months. I would get her Anal glands done for free because the vet techs would go to touch her and she would empty them. When we would host parties she would bark at everyone and hide in the closet, even though she has met them multiple times. Rachael could tell this from her picture and helped her be more comfortable there, with treats, healing stones, and relaxing smells. We found out she's not scared of everything but it's because of how sensitive she is and she doesn't want a baby brother because she "likes being the baby." When Rachael brought but flower remedies, Aura was drinking water, she turned and looked at both of us, I didn't need Rachael to tell me Aura understood and wanted to give them a try. Well here we are 4 months later, after a steady mix of Bachs flower remedy and her own "drops", as we call them, everyone has noticed an improvement! The look on their faces when she asks for more love is priceless. However, paying to get her glands done now is not.  She even has two children she let pet her!  If you have time to give a consistent flower remedy and are dealing with an Aura before drops we definitely recommend trying it!

Amber Cooper November 7, 2016

lumenLumen has gained her weight and kept it on...that was quite an experience. Lumen also loves her new sweater (unless she is outside) and she is definitely a fan of raw turkey. Thank you for doing what you do...I (we) are truly grateful! We value and appreciate you so very much!

November 7, 2016

Thank you for all your help communicating with our dog Tapper. You have been such an amazing blessing to us.  Thanks for helping and loving our sweet and nervous  boy. We can’t imagine life without Tapper and are so thankful for all your help.

Jenna November 7, 2016

DeeO'Gee and FeeBee We found peace after Rachael connected with our dog after he passed in September. DeeO’Gee was eight years old and in a short amount of time got very sick and went downhill. We had to make a terribly hard decision of putting him down. When Rachael heard the news the next day, she wrote me to ask if she could try to connect with him on the other side. I was skeptical, but also needed to know he was alright, out of pain and at peace. Rachael has been a good friend for 15 years and has a calming presence, I knew I could trust her to be honest and open with me. Rachael was able to connect with DeeO’Gee instantly. A girl and her boy. The late DeeO’Gee. He told her he was happy and out of pain and that it was time for him to go. He did have concerns though. DeeO’Gee’s partner FeeBee of 7 years was deeply saddened by the loss of her best friend. DeeO’Gee told Rachael that FeeBee needed “lots of meat treats” and would need another companion. The meat treats comment was odd for me to hear. I made FeeBee an appointment with her doctor. I didn’t tell the doctor anything Rachael passed along, so this was the confirming point… the doctor noted something was happening with FeeBee. She ran a full blood panel and called me the next day with the results. FeeBee’s protein count was extremely low and her advice was to give her “lots of meat treats”. I just about hit the floor! FeeBee and her new pal, Monty. In addition, about a week later my husband and I noticed FeeBee was still acting sad. We thought that maybe it was time for another companion for her. DeeO’Gee had mentioned to Rachael that we’d know the right new pet at the right time. We ventured down to the Seattle Humane Society. In the middle of the chaos was a kennel of 4 pit bull mix puppies, one of which had the same demeanor DeeO’Gee had when we adopted him 8 years prior, stand offish and mostly uninterested. We met with him and FeeBee to see if they were a match. They were and have been inseparable ever since. Rachael, thank you so much for helping us understand and accept the passing of our dog DeeO’Gee and the needs of his partner!

A.C. November 7, 2016

Rachael helped me with a hard to place foster dog and the care she puts into her work is evident and very comforting. She was also of great help in an emergency situation with the same dog and I can't thank her enough for her help in that. She's very dedicated to each individual animal and committed to following up each case. Can't say thank you enough!

S.M. (Love A Mutt Rescue) November 7, 2016

Sissy and Missy We're so happy we got to partake of this experience- it was amazing to get a glimpse inside those little heads! We'll probably want to make another appointment with you to re-check in with them in a few months. We've made some of the changes they mentioned to you and have definitely seen positive results. Thank you so much!

D.K. November 7, 2016

"Something turns towards that which is genuine, like a flower turns toward the light. A dog never gives less than one hundred percent of himself. Can you imagine humans doing this? If they would, a transformation would come over the entire world." -J. Allen Boone, "The Language of Silence"
Rachael started communicating with my cat in the last stages of her life. She was undergoing a series of treatments for a severe infection complicated by kidney failure. I had not provided Rachael with much information as I wanted her to be able to speak to Spice without too much extra "noise". Rachael connected with Spice and provided me with some fantastic insights, one of which involved Spice's food preferences at a time when she was not eating much. Additionally Spice was able to relay to Rachael the origin of her internal problem, her kidneys. I knew this, but Rachael did not. Spice's communication with Rachael about this allowed me to see that Spice also understood what was wrong with her. Ultimately, this communication and connection informed me that Spice was not in pain and it reassured me that Spice understood the reasoning behind all of the anxiety-inducing pill popping and injections. Ultimately, a few short months later, I had to make the very difficult decision to help Spice pass on. She had grown weak and stopped eating and drinking. While I knew the timing was right; there were several circumstances surrounding the situation which plagued me around the timing of my decision. Rachael once again became an invaluable conduit of information. I was grief stricken and overwhelmed with guilty thoughts. She assured me that Spice was at peace on many levels and comforted by our mutual decision. Intuition brought me there, but the validation and support that came from Rachael and her ability to communicate with Spice directly brought a bit of light to a very difficult and dark time. Rachael has a true gift, one from which animals and humans do benefit. I am thankful for her compassion and her sensitivity and any animal who has her as their advocate undoubtedly appreciates the ease of their connection with her.

A.S. November 7, 2016

I let my 10 year old English Mastiff outside to hang out in the yard while I went to a yoga class. I received a call from Rachael on my cell before I got home. Earlier, I had asked Rachael to check in with Frodo to see if he was in pain. Rachael said that she had communicated with Frodo and Frodo let Rachael know that he was finished on the planet and ready to go. Rachael apologized profusely for telling me this but she felt it was her obligation to relate to me what she heard in her meditation. I was talking to Rachael as I came up my driveway. I knew it was a reality, because of his size, that we would have to make a decision when Frodo reached a point when he could no longer walk. Frodo was such a big overbred boy and he was struggling to get around of late but he was walking when I left the house that morning. When I arrived home I found my sweet 225lb. boy paralyzed in the back end and unable to get up. I called the mobile vet and she confirmed that Frodo would not be walking again. It took 4 of us to carry him in the house for the exam and the vet agreed that his time had come. Frodo had an accupuncture treatment to make him more comfortable and he got to eat two cans of Merrick Wingaling dog food before passing peacefully with his big sweet head in my arms. I have many animals and have been fortunate over the years to be in the position to euthanize some of my pets when there was no other choice. It is always a sad and difficult decision to make but such a blessing to be in a position to relieve their suffering. It helped me tremendously to have that additional support, through Rachael, that Frodo was ready to go.

C.D. November 7, 2016

nwesc5Rachael's natural gift for animal communication blends with her grounded loving-kindness for magical, miracle results. Her genuine respect for the world's four-legged critters oozes from every pore of her being. This woman was born to serve and love animals and to bring their wisdom to us.

D.I. November 7, 2016

Rachael has been wonderful. We were having some recall issues with our Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Kiba, at the dog park. After her talk with him, he rarely strays too far and when I call him, he comes running back. Yaay Rachael!!

M.B. November 7, 2016

I have consulted Rachael for communication with my birds, a cockatiel and a budgie (parakeet). For Rachael, I was the first person to ask her to communicate with birds. One weekend evening, my budgie, Charlie, was unable to hold up his head. He was able to stand on his perch, but his head just hung straight down from his neck. I was in complete shock and horror. My first instinct was to rush him to an emergency clinic, for certainly he must be suffering, and the only humane thing would be to euthanize. I was certain that he must have fallen and broken his neck. But a more powerful thought came through - ask Rachael to talk to him, which I did. Rachael reported back to me that Charlie was not in pain. She said he had had a mini-stroke. Charlie told her he needed lots of lettuce, because that was the only way he could get his water (he could not maneuver his beak into his water cup). I was so relieved, I felt a huge weight lifted from me. I marveled at how Charlie was able to eat seed from a millet branch, and eat his lettuce. It was a little awkward for him to get around, but his strong little spirit kept him active. I later followed up with the Veterinarian, and everything Rachael had said was confirmed. The Vet said Charlie had had a stroke, he was not in pain, and lettuce was the best way for him to get his water. I am so very grateful to Rachael for her amazingly accurate communication with Charlie. Her remarkable insight carried Charlie and me to the best possible outcome for him.

Eliana Diamond Seattle, WA November 7, 2016

SimoneWhen Simone, my 5-year-old Chinese Shar Pei, went into sudden Renal Failure, she was sent to critical care for treatment that kept her alive but still very sick. After several weeks and thousands of dollars on her care and feeling like we were getting nowhere, I determined that we needed some "help from above" and contacted Rachael to help me ascertain if Simone wanted to live and if so, what treatment would be best for her. Rachael responded immediately to my request and brought me a message that changed the course of Simone's treatment. Within mere days, Simone saw a marked improvement, and I felt the first sense of relief that she would recover. Rachael stayed in touch over the following weeks, checking in and extending compassion and care as Simone gradually made her recovery. I went from planning for my beloved dog's death to having a recovered pet, and the pivot point was Rachael's wise counsel that redirected Simone's care. I will forever be grateful to Rachael for saving Simone's life!!

S. Hall Seattle, WA November 7, 2016

"I wonder why we think the thoughts and emotions of animals are simple." - Travels With Charley, John Steinbeck
Rachael can show you that dog's emotions and thoughts are anything but simple! She has been invaluable in helping me to learn more about my dogs, enabling me to better deal with certain situations. I have grown closer to my dogs she has communicated with, and believe that they feel closer to me. My dogs and I look forward to speaking more with Rachael. She has become a dear friend to all of us.

J.A. Snohomish, WA November 7, 2016

BlossomI honestly believe that everyone who is owned by a dog or loves a dog should have Rachael contact and ‘talk’ with their pup. I first met Rachael and her talent when my much beloved dog Blossom was at the end of her physical time on earth. I was desperate to find out what I could do to keep her from dying. Rachael had a very powerful conversation with her and gave me some tips on how to make her last days & weeks on earth more comfortable and even more importantly, helped me break through my own denial about my sweet girl’s impending death. I was devastated by what Rachael had learned from Blossom, but it helped me create a wonderfully peaceful, quiet and loving end to her life. Roxy Now I have a new rescue dog (Roxy) who I also adore that is perfect except for these totally bizarre eating habits that I just could not understand. I tried everything to get Roxy to eat but she just refused and having never experienced this situation with any dog before, I was completely baffled, frustrated and upset. I contacted Rachael and asked her to talk with Roxy and find out what this food issue was all about. Well, Rachael came back with a full account of what Roxy’s eating habits had been before she came to live with me and what Roxy now wanted me to feed her. As her previous eating habits had been completely unhealthy & inappropriate for a dog, Rachael explained to Roxy that things needed to change and she would not be allowed to eat like that any longer. They discussed food compromises so that Roxy could enjoy eating again and that she would be open to eating healthier foods for dogs. Immediately upon reading Rachael’s report I changed Roxy’s food and set about compromising between the previous foods she enjoyed and the good healthy food she needed. Roxy began to eat everything I gave her. She is now eating good healthy dog foods along with some of the tastes & flavors she enjoyed in her previous home. Roxy is happy and no longer has to feel hunger pains, and I am delighted at seeing my sweet dog enjoying eating healthy dog food that I now “enhance” with some of the human foods she adores. I am SO grateful to Rachael for her help with both of my ‘girls’. I wish I had known about her years ago for previous dogs I’ve had & loved. I am grateful for the talent she possesses and her ability to communicate with dogs in a way that the rest of us can’t. She is now an integral part of my dog parenting and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn more about their 4-legged friends!

Laureen Light Issaquah, WA November 7, 2016

When I first met Rachael, it was obvious to me that she had a special connection with animals. She talks to them and hears them just like they're people; she's very nonchalant about it, which really put me at ease. There's no big drama or mumbo-jumbo here, just a gal with a talent for hearing what most don't and a love for our furry best friends. Rachael helped me figure out what mysterious thing was making my dog sick, and she told me a few other ways to make him happier. The vet couldn't do in three visits what she did in a half-hour conversation with my pup.

R. W. Seattle, WA November 7, 2016

Rachael provided a distance reading of our beloved senior dog Sophie, responding to questions that we had about her needs and wants at this tender stage in her life. Rachael was insightful, intuitive, and offered her valuable felt sense of both the questions and answers that seemed important for us to consider in the months ahead. The most striking part of the experience was that Rachael picked up on a specific name that at first did not make sense to us, but upon further reflection we realized the significance. This led to a poignant reunion with a veterinarian that had treated Sophie many years ago as a puppy, which was so meaningful to us all. I recommend Rachael as a sensitive, respectful, and dedicated partner in your journey to communicate with your furry loved ones.

K. Halsey Renton, WA November 7, 2016

RileyOmarKeiraThankful doesn’t seem to be a big enough word to describe how I feel about finding Rachael at Beyond Barking. We have three pit bulls, two came from very abusive situations and unless you have had experience rehabilitating abused dogs it's hard to understand what day to day life is like. It can be very stressful and at times overwhelming. We adopted our third dog, Riley, and found he had severe emotional issues. We were fortunate enough to find a great trainer who helped me get through those first couple of months that were brutal. However, Riley had been so traumatized in his previous life (as we say) working with him just didn’t seem to be enough. We knew there was a lot going on in his mind but we couldn’t tap into what he was thinking or how he understood his life. At times you could see pain, fear, and confusion in his eyes that would break your heart but we couldn’t completely reach him to find out what the problem was and to get him to understand he is okay. I came across Beyond Barking Facebook page and contacted Rachael. What I was impressed with right off was Rachael only wanted questions no additional information so my first thought was she is for real. The specific details Rachael gave me from her conversation with Riley was amazing from what toy he likes to play with to certain behaviors he displays. It is hard to put into words the affect Rachael had on Riley with her ability to communicate with him on a level we are not able to. The information and suggestions she has given us are priceless, Riley is still a work in progress but there are things that have been resolved and behaviors that changed as a direct result of Rachael. We have now had Rachael communicate with all three of my babies and many questions have been answered and much information that was unexpected has been shared from them. Riley My personal belief is all creatures are beings of value and it is awesome to know the earth is blessed with someone like Rachael who cares deeply about animals and is willing to share her gift that some would prefer to keep private. For those that are skeptical I challenge you to have Rachael chat with your pet and just try not being amazed, pleased, and thankful you were able to have the experience.

Krisy Lee Kent, WA November 7, 2016

“When two souls have finally found each other, there is established between them a bond which begins on earth, and continues forever in heaven.”
– Victor Hugo