The support and assistance she has offered to my dogs and I is beyond measure. 2015 was a year of transition, change and loss for my dogs and I. Divorce and a move from the home we loved, brought many emotions for us all. We met with Rachael face to face and had follow up phone sessions for ongoing support. She was able to communicate to the dogs what was happening, and helped me to understand what I could do to support them through this time of change. She also helped me to understand their sometimes unpredictable behaviors towards other dogs. With Rachael's support, we have transitioned into a new home and she has assisted me in understanding the dogs' reactions to new surroundings and people. This has helped me to create a sense of safety and boundaries for my dogs so that we can all move forward in a positive way on this new journey. It's wonderful to know that my pups and I have a strong ally and friend in Rachael for future support. And I have since recommended her to friends who have been in need of support with their furry friends.  It's been truly a blessing to have met Rachael.

Lisa Yeager Bellingham, WA November 8, 2016

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