BlossomI honestly believe that everyone who is owned by a dog or loves a dog should have Rachael contact and ‘talk’ with their pup. I first met Rachael and her talent when my much beloved dog Blossom was at the end of her physical time on earth. I was desperate to find out what I could do to keep her from dying. Rachael had a very powerful conversation with her and gave me some tips on how to make her last days & weeks on earth more comfortable and even more importantly, helped me break through my own denial about my sweet girl’s impending death. I was devastated by what Rachael had learned from Blossom, but it helped me create a wonderfully peaceful, quiet and loving end to her life. Roxy Now I have a new rescue dog (Roxy) who I also adore that is perfect except for these totally bizarre eating habits that I just could not understand. I tried everything to get Roxy to eat but she just refused and having never experienced this situation with any dog before, I was completely baffled, frustrated and upset. I contacted Rachael and asked her to talk with Roxy and find out what this food issue was all about. Well, Rachael came back with a full account of what Roxy’s eating habits had been before she came to live with me and what Roxy now wanted me to feed her. As her previous eating habits had been completely unhealthy & inappropriate for a dog, Rachael explained to Roxy that things needed to change and she would not be allowed to eat like that any longer. They discussed food compromises so that Roxy could enjoy eating again and that she would be open to eating healthier foods for dogs. Immediately upon reading Rachael’s report I changed Roxy’s food and set about compromising between the previous foods she enjoyed and the good healthy food she needed. Roxy began to eat everything I gave her. She is now eating good healthy dog foods along with some of the tastes & flavors she enjoyed in her previous home. Roxy is happy and no longer has to feel hunger pains, and I am delighted at seeing my sweet dog enjoying eating healthy dog food that I now “enhance” with some of the human foods she adores. I am SO grateful to Rachael for her help with both of my ‘girls’. I wish I had known about her years ago for previous dogs I’ve had & loved. I am grateful for the talent she possesses and her ability to communicate with dogs in a way that the rest of us can’t. She is now an integral part of my dog parenting and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn more about their 4-legged friends!

Laureen Light Issaquah, WA November 7, 2016

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