My newly adopted cat would not eat. Even the vet wasn’t sure what to do.  After her session with Rachael, she shared what she wanted and I started there. Even though it was not an ideal diet, it was better than not eating.  The very next meal she ate one whole small can of food (1/2 of her needs according to the directions on the can).  I felt this was real progress on the food front! Also, she was so distant from us and we could not get her to interact or let us hold her. It was almost like she was shutting down between the not eating and no touching.  The following night I had company over to watch a movie.  Ellie the cat was shy with them but did not leave the room completely and actually played a little.  She is following me like a little shadow all over the house and crawls into my lap every time I sit down now.  When I lie down on the sofa she sleeps on top of me.  Rachael surely did something to make her relax and know she is home.  Right now she has climbed into the top shelf of the computer desk and is curled up in the letter tray.  She’s a different kitty!!! I thank you for your amazing talent! You have really made a difference in Ellie's life.

Karen Robinette San Antonio, TX November 8, 2016

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