RileyOmarKeiraThankful doesn’t seem to be a big enough word to describe how I feel about finding Rachael at Beyond Barking. We have three pit bulls, two came from very abusive situations and unless you have had experience rehabilitating abused dogs it's hard to understand what day to day life is like. It can be very stressful and at times overwhelming. We adopted our third dog, Riley, and found he had severe emotional issues. We were fortunate enough to find a great trainer who helped me get through those first couple of months that were brutal. However, Riley had been so traumatized in his previous life (as we say) working with him just didn’t seem to be enough. We knew there was a lot going on in his mind but we couldn’t tap into what he was thinking or how he understood his life. At times you could see pain, fear, and confusion in his eyes that would break your heart but we couldn’t completely reach him to find out what the problem was and to get him to understand he is okay. I came across Beyond Barking Facebook page and contacted Rachael. What I was impressed with right off was Rachael only wanted questions no additional information so my first thought was she is for real. The specific details Rachael gave me from her conversation with Riley was amazing from what toy he likes to play with to certain behaviors he displays. It is hard to put into words the affect Rachael had on Riley with her ability to communicate with him on a level we are not able to. The information and suggestions she has given us are priceless, Riley is still a work in progress but there are things that have been resolved and behaviors that changed as a direct result of Rachael. We have now had Rachael communicate with all three of my babies and many questions have been answered and much information that was unexpected has been shared from them. Riley My personal belief is all creatures are beings of value and it is awesome to know the earth is blessed with someone like Rachael who cares deeply about animals and is willing to share her gift that some would prefer to keep private. For those that are skeptical I challenge you to have Rachael chat with your pet and just try not being amazed, pleased, and thankful you were able to have the experience.

Krisy Lee Kent, WA November 7, 2016

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