I am very grateful to Rachael for the distance reading she provided for us.  My two owners, Zorro & Tonto, are 2 year old fur brothers, who adopted me when they were just 4 months old.  From the beginning, Zorro has been very clear about his likes and dislikes,  however his brother Tonto, has a disposition that, up until we met Rachael, has been more of a mystery to me. I am very good at talking to my kitty boys, what Rachael helped me understand is what Tonto was wanting me to know. We heard about Rachael and her work from Julie Austin, who is a pet photographer.  We had made an appointment for Julie to come to our home to take photos of our family ( mostly the boys, a few of all of us ), and then it dawned on me that in the past when we had company, Tonto would disappear! We live in a small one bedroom condo, so there aren't that many places to hide, but he would quietly find ( and squish into ) any place where he could observe without being seen.  I wanted our photo session with Julie to be fun for all of us, so when I asked her for ideas, she suggessted we contact Rachael, who did a distance reading for us.  I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical  since I had no previous experience with animal communication , however I love my kitty boys and would do anything to help them feel loved,secure and content, especially since they have enriched my life in so many ways. I gave Rachael a photo of Tonto as well as a list of about 10 questions, and we had a phone consultation about a week later.  To say I was amazed is an understatement!  Any skepticism I may have had was gone and I will be forever thankful that Rachael helped me understand my Tonto.  What I especially appreciate is that all the information and ideas were conveyed in such a kind, gentle knowledgable way and Rachael had practical ideas on what would help my Tonto want to participate rather than hide.  Rachael is not only a gifted animal communicator, she communicates wonderfully with pet parents providing Tonto's answers in such a way that it's clear they've had a conversation.  Since our consultation with Rachael, we've been putting her ideas into practice gradually  and as a result both of my owners feel loved and understood🐈. AND our photos are beautiful! Rachael, You have made an immeasurably wonderful difference in our lives and all 3 of us are grateful!

K and the boys November 8, 2016

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