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I contacted Rachael in January 2016, having adopted a 5 year old 55 lb. sweet, submissive male Labradoodle - Malloy - as a 4th member of my pack.   Existing/ previous pack members were 2 little boys 7 and 13 lbs,. and a 16 lb. girl, Piper, who had always been a bit of a bitch but not previously unmanageable. Upon introduction of Malloy into the household, Piper growled at Malloy whenever he came into the room, and on a number of occasions lunged at him to attack when she apparently thought he was too close (usually 10 to 20 feet away but variable).  At that time I came upon an advertisement for Rachael's services and realized an animal communicator was exactly what I needed, so I could understand why Piper did not like Malloy and address the problem.  However I also worried that I would not be able to tell if the communication was "real". Immediately Rachael put me at ease and related a couple of things Malloy and Piper told her that made it apparent that real communication was occurring.  And not only did Rachael broker a truce between Piper and Malloy wherein Piper gave Malloy a kiss and promised to try really hard to accept him (she has never attacked him since), but after I accepted Rachael's offer to prepare a specially tailored Bach Flower Remedy for Piper, she became more agreeable than ever. Not perfect, but significantly changed and much nicer. While the problem relationship with two of my dogs was my only original motive for contacting Rachael, she gave me other significant information from Malloy that helped me troubleshoot a medical problem that he came to me with.  Rachael related a number of details and facts about Malloy's condition and his having been hit by a car, that I later verified with previous owners and specialty veterinarians and that led me to a correct and inexpensive solution for his problem.  Also, I am embarrassed to admit that while I thought I was doing a great job of feeding my pups exactly right, giving them raw food etc., 3 out of 4 of them told Rachael they wanted a bit of change in their diet and/ or a bit more food, and they are clearly happier with their adjusted diets. And last, as all of my dogs except Malloy are from rescues or shelters, the ages I was given for them were estimates.  Rachael told me that my oldest dog is 12 not 6 years old as I thought, which explains what seemed to be possible premature signs of aging, and that the other two small dogs also are a bit older than I was told.  Rachael said my oldest dog was losing his hearing, which explains why he no longer always comes when I call like he used to although I had not shared this information with Rachael. All in all, using Rachael's services seems like about the best thing I have ever done for my dogs and for myself too.  Being able to communicate with all of one's family members and not just the human ones makes life so much richer.  I will be ever indebted to Rachael for adding a new dimension to my life and to those of my dogs, and for solving problems that previously seemed unsolvable or that I had not even been able to identify as problems.  Thank you, Rachael.

D. Ritter Lynnwood, WA November 8, 2016

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