A few years ago at a silent auction, I bid on and won a Beyond Barking certificate for a free pet communication session. Having no idea of what animal communication was all about, I was curious, however,  I also will admit that I was skeptical and thought I'd hear general info that could be applied to any cat. Believe me when I say, the result of the session pretty much blew my mind, and, I am no longer a skeptic! The personal details and accuracy of the information Rachael relayed to me from my boy, Patch was information she could not have known without communicating with him. My questions were very general so as to not feed my skepticism monster and then feel that my question had led to a certain outcome. For example, when Patch was a 2-month-old  kitten, he lost his brother in a very tragic incident. I had no idea if/how much it might have affected him, or if he would even remember the incident as it had occurred about 11 years prior. I asked Rachael to ask Patch if he had ever suffered grief or trauma in his life. Not only did Patch tell Rachael he had lost a very close buddy, he also told her his buddy had black fur. Patch's sibling, the kitten who died, was a black kitten. Then she told me that Patch thought the house was too cold and drafty at night. There was no way Rachael could have known that we had no heater that winter and the house was very cold and drafty, especially at night. I could go on and on... Since then Rachael has communicated with a number of my fur kids, some still with me, a few who have made the journey over the Rainbow Bridge, and even a few fosters. Every time, she has verified details she couldn't have known about my fur babies and, many times given me comfort that all is/was OK with them. Rachael is a truly special, gifted, kind, compassionate and beautiful soul who not only cares about our pets, she also truly cares about the pet parents and what we are going through with our fur kids. She always goes at least 100 extra miles to bring comfort, often hope, and many times peace. She feels our pain when communicating with our sometimes ill or dying pets, and our joy for our happy and healthy pets. I look forward to many more pet communication sessions with Rachael because she is true and real. I thank my lucky stars every day, every time I look or think about one of my fur kids, for having the incredible luck to have crossed paths with her. Everyone should be so lucky as to cross paths with Rachael! And, most important, there are no words to describe my gratitude for what she does for all animals, including people! Thank you Rachael!!

Chris G. San Leandro, CA November 8, 2016

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