Please know that  I’m currently on break.  I’m not sure for how long and will update my website when I’m back in the saddle.  In the meantime, feel free to add your name to my e-mail list, I will get an update out when I return to the work.   If you need a re-fill on a flower remedy, send me a note.  ~ Thank you!

rm04I typically book sessions Friday’s, Monday’s and the last Sunday of each month.  While I’d love animal communication to be my primary work, it’s not realistic at this time in my life.

Our consultations are three-way conversations between you, your animal and me where I serve as the communicator, receiving information intuitively. Like an antenna to a radio, I serve as a receiver for information from your animal(s). I utilize the language of telepathy to build a bridge of understanding between animals and their people, while seeking harmony for both. In some cases a session might validate information you intuitively know, other times you’ll receive completely new information. The more prepared you are for a consultation with your list of specific questions the better the session.

All sessions are applicable for afterlife communication – connecting with animals that have transitioned to the spirit side. These sessions often bring release and comfort for both people and animal companions.

Should you choose, we can communicate with more than one animal during a consultation. See services page for more details about session options and number of animals per session.

*I am not available for lost animal tracking. Please email me if you need a referral.


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Beyond Barking gift certificate

Interested in purchasing a session as a gift?  SUPER! Either make note on your PayPal payment or send an email to let me know.  I’ll happily e-mail or send by postal mail a customized gift certificate with no expiration date. They can be made in any denomination you choose.  If you are purchasing a session as a gift please make note on your PayPal order.