How It Works (FAQ)

Q. What is Animal Communication?

A.  Animal Communication is the ability we all have to make a connection with an animal through the universal language of telepathy.  This means we mentally send and receive thoughts, images (clairvoyant), feelings (clairsentient) and words (clairaudient).  Animal Communication can also be described as deepened intuition.

Q. Are you able to communicate with animals other than dogs?

A. Absolutely!  I have worked with horses, goats, cats, birds and fish. It's just dogs that led me down the path to clear animal communication.

Q. How do you talk with animals?

A.  I actually hear the animals voice in response to my questions or sometimes when I've not even asked a question.  Often this response is coupled with images and feelings.  An example: A dog once escaped his owners car at a rest stop.  I received a frantic call from the owner within minutes of the escape and was able to immediately connect with the dog.  When asking my questions and before I heard replies, I saw complete darkness and then trees whisking by along with a great sense of joy and freedom.   This dog was having a blast, while the rest of us were quite stressed.  Yes, I was able to assist with this lost dog returning to the rest stop, though it was a long and arduous evening.  In this case, I shared with the lost dog some strategic fear images of what could happen to her if she did not return.

Q. Do you need to be present with the animal?

A. No.  Animal communication is done through mental telepathy.  Space and distance are not an issue.  I prefer to have a photo of the animal if at all possible.  At this point in time I do all my work remotely unless I'm hosting live-sessions at a local pet store or festival.

Q. Can you talk with deceased animals?

A.  Yes.  This was amazing to me when I first started practicing, but as real as talking with living animals.  It can be especially helpful for people who have just lost an animal, as it's a wonderful way to assist with closure.  Thus far, it's just us who suffer so intensely after the loss of our animal. The animals "in spirit" are often filled with loving sentiments and favorite memories.  It seems the physical body expires but the soul lives on.

Q. Can you tell me what is specifically wrong with my animals health?

A.  Animal communicating should never be a substitute for veterinary care.  While I do not diagnose illness, I can work with the animal to gather descriptions of symptoms, ask where they are feeling pain or discomfort, and clarify if they are feeling better or a treatment is helping.  This data can often be quite helpful to a veterinarian.

Q. Do you have a guarantee?

A.  Absolutely.  There are certainly occasions where I might not be able to connect with an animal for whatever reason.  If this is the case, I will let you know and can try at a later date or refer you to another Animal Communicator.

Q. I'm sold! What do I do next?

A. Great! Here are your next steps.

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