Animal communication sessions, mirroring and hugs

Thank you for the referrals!     Bird-says-thank-you

To all of you, thank you so much for the referrals. In my opinion, referrals are the highest compliment one can be paid.  It’s an honor to hear from others who were sent by you. Big love.



A Classic Case of Mirroring

It was Monday morning, only this Monday was a bit different. We hosted family from the East Coast the week prior and the “Grandpets” were showered with an abundance of love and attention from extended family.  With all the extra excitement and change in pattern I noticed all four tucking themselves in at night before the rest of us.  A great time was had by all and then our company left. We had a full quiet weekend together before the Monday morning alarm sounded.

During that time, my hubby and I had extensive conversations about lifestyle change. How do we step out of the daily-grind and step into living more? Do we need to move to a location where the cost of living is lower? How can we work from home more so we can be with the dogs and escape the daily commute? What needs to happen for us to spend more time together, with our pack?  Of course, all 8 other ears were listening intently. It doesn’t take an intuit to know they want us home more. Our conversation was met with loads of licks and wagging tails, not unusual for any conversation about more “time” together.

Fast forward to Monday. We grunted when the alarm sounded. Quickly hitting the snooze button we all curled back into our toasty spots. Again, the alarm. None of us happy Monday was upon us, not ready to be back in our own version of Groundhog’s Day, we slowly peeled ourselves from the bed, smiling and wagging at each other.  It was the usual genuine smiling and wagging, but this time there was an undercurrent of disappointment.  All six of us wanted the shift in lifestyle we talked about over the weekend to magically happen, instead, we were on track for the norm. It was more than apparent that none of us were happy about the situation.  Could it just be coming off of vacation? Was it the Monday morning blues? What was different?

Stay home and have coffee with me, right here!
Stay home and have coffee with me, right here!

Ready to take on the morning commute with coffees and lunches in tow, we turned to say goodbye to the pack only one was missing. “Where’s Muddy?” We trolled room to room calling his name and no Muddy. Eli walked me to the sliding door and guess who was sitting at the picnic table in his favorite chair?  Muddy Bones!  After forgiving myself for not noticing he wasn’t in the house (that’s a first) I engaged in a conversation with him.  Guess what he said?  Yup, you nailed it. He didn’t want us to leave. He knew we didn’t want to go and was mirroring our exact feelings and desires. My husband and I agreed on our drive to work that he too was envisioning having coffee in the backyard at the table with the dogs around us, reading our books and lounging yet one more day. There we were looking at ourselves through the eyes of Muddy.

Our animal companions mirror our thoughts, feelings, and even our desires. By seeing ourselves through their eyes aspects of us that need to be nurtured and pampered are often revealed. Keep it in mind as you walk through life with your best friends.


Paddywack - Lots of goodies for all types of critters!
Paddywack – Lots of goodies for all types of critters!

Two Openings Left!

There are two openings left for on-site animal communication sessions this Sunday, August 24th at Paddywack in Mill Creek Town Center! If you would like to register for your 20 minute intuitive animal communication session please register today at www.beyondbarking.com/events.  You can bring your animal companion with you or we can work from a photo. Of course, these sessions are always available for animals that are with us or those who’ve crossed over.



Chat & Smile September 13th in Kirkland, Washington

Why not sign up for a mini-photo session and get your professional family photos with the ‘Best Pet Photographer’ in Western Washington, Julie Austin?  Not only has she been voted the best two years running, she’s easy to work with and communicates well with the animals. They get it and smile for her camera!  Ok, fair enough, she also provides awesome cookie treats. These are her last mini-photos sessions of the year and photo sessions will be held at Carillon Point in Kirkland.  It’s never too soon to get your family photo for holiday cards, right?  erika-Kirkland

Before or after your photo session come on over to Natural Pet Pantry, also in Kirkland, for an animal communication session with me. I’ll be hosting 25 minute sessions on site between 12-5pm and promise a follow-up with an e-mail suggesting a stone or crystal to benefit the health of your animal companion.  SIGN UP, bring your friends and spread the word!



New Moon – the fundraising continues


New Moon makes a difference for the animals and the future.
New Moon makes a difference for the animals and the future.

In case you missed it, the New Moon Goat Farm Goat Rescue and Sanctuary is diligently working toward the purchase of a piece of property adjacent to their current land. Buying it will allow for the addition of a caretaker and will ensure the long-term future of New Moon. If you haven’t already donated, please consider it. Every penny counts and without your support the Rescue is at risk.

For more information about their efforts and why your help is needed here’s a comprehensive article in The Herald.   Support and donate here.



Both Ends of the Leash  bothendsoftheleash

I was featured in a superb article for the August edition of Blue City Monthly – give it a read!  “Both Ends of the Leash” by Elizabeth Griffin



Dog hugging, yes or no?

This is a pretty interesting article posted in Mother Nature Network about the dislikes of most dogs.

Don't hug me!
Don’t hug me!

What are your thoughts?  11 things humans do that dogs hate


Chat and Smile at the Adrift Hotel and Spa June 27-29

Abigail is the mascot at Adrift Hotel and Spa
Abigail is the mascot at Adrift Hotel and Spa

Pet photographer Julie Austin and I have partnered with the Adrift Hotel & Spa to offer you and your animal companions a relaxing weekend of photo fun and animal communication.  Voted “Best Pet Photographer” in Evening Magazine’s 2012 & 2013 Best of Western Washington, Julie has a reputation for combining her artistry with technical detail thus capturing the essence of your pet’s soul and the meaning they bring to life.  Her artistic portrait sessions use only natural light to capture the personality and beauty of your animal companions.

The Details – Long Beach photography sessions include:

All for $375!  *Add a 20 minute animal communication session for $25, package cost $400.  Photo sessions available: 6/27, 2p – sundown, 6/28, 10a – sundown, 6/29, 10:00a – sundown.  To book your session call 425-802-3944 or e-mail julie@jaustinphotography.com

The Details – Long Beach animal communication sessions include:

All for $40!  *$25 for an animal communication session on-site if you purchase a photo session.  Animal communication sessions are available on the half hour from 12p – 4p Saturday and Sunday. If you prefer to bring a photo of you animal friend or choose to have your session with an animal that’s crossed over, that’s certainly an option.   To sign up for animal communication sessions, please e-mail rachael@beyondbarking.com with the time you desire and make your non-refundable payment via the events page.

It’s also Doggie Olympics that weekend at Long Beach! There will be LOTS to see and do with your pooch! Saturday’s festivities include:


  • What, No Ducks? Ball Toss
  • Nadia Comaneci Agility
  • Rip Van Winkle Sleep Off
  • Dunking For Dogs
  • Filla Fuller Brush Shedding
  • Luciano Pavarotti Commemorative Sing-Off
  • Babe Ruth Obedience Baseball
  • I’ve Got Rhythm Musical Sit
  • Peanut Butter Lick
  • Frisbee Throw
  • Who’s Your Daddy?
  • Doggie Dash


Come join us, we’re going to have a ball!


Smudge that Stuff


A friend recently inquired about my sooty smudge pot.  smudgeUpon explanation I was surprised to learn she’d never heard of smudging.  Hmpf!  I smudge weekly and absolutely notice a difference in the energy of my body, our space, and even a shift in the dogs.  I’ve experienced  a headache disappear about  15 minutes after smudging the nape of my neck where I believe lots of unwanted stuff can easily attach.  What about the animals?  Oh yes, I smudge them too!  While they don’t particularly like smoke, they become adjusted to the process, along with a little sneezing.  I smudge all four dogs after smudging the house and myself.  They watch me intently, listen to my verbal release of anything not working in the greatest and highest good, and follow me room to room supporting the process completely.  My practice for them is to trace my burning sage or Palo Santo wood from their crown chakra down their neck, front legs/paws, down their body toward their tail, down the back legs/paws, down the low back, and finally along their tails.  To me, this is an energy out or grounding practice for them versus working tail to head which would be less grounding.

I was going to compose a brief on how to smudge but my friend Rachael Whalley of Healing for Good Girls beat me to it.  Take a look at her smudge practice, quite similar to mine.  Happy 2014 folks, now go smudge that stuff!  Read more.


Animal Communication Sessions at Sam’s – March availability!

Holy smokes (speaking of smudging)!  The January slots for 20 minutes animal communication sessions filled fast so a March date has been added. Saturday, March 15 I’ll be hosting 20 minute in-person sessions between 11am – 4pm.  You can bring your animal companion or just a photo, whatever works for you. The cost is $40 and 20% of the proceeds will be donated to Old Dog Haven.  For more details and registration click HERE.    

Sam's Cats & Dogs

*For those signed up in January, please start crafting your list of questions allowing us to make the most of your time.  I’ll be emailing you a personal reminder Sunday, January 12th. Count on it!






Landfill Dogs

18_JOHNSTONE_ice_frosting2_82263These are not just cute pictures of dogs. These are dogs who have been homeless for at least two weeks, and now face euthanasia if they do not find a home. Each week for 18 months (late 2012–early 2014) Shannon Johnstone brings one dog from the county animal shelter and photographs him/her at the local landfill.

The landfill site is used for two reasons. First, this is where the dogs will end up if they do not find a home. Their bodies will be buried deep in the landfill among our trash. These photographs offer the last opportunity for the dogs to find homes.

The second reason for the landfill location is because the county animal shelter falls under the same management as the landfill. This government structure reflects a societal value; homeless cats and dogs are just another waste stream. However, this landscape offers a metaphor of hope. It is a place of trash that has been transformed into a place of beauty. Johnstone hopes the viewer also sees the beauty in these homeless, unloved creatures.

As part of this photographic process, each dog receives a car ride, a walk, treats, and about 2 hours of much needed individual attention. Her goal is to offer an individual face to the souls that are lost because of animal overpopulation, and to give the animals one last chance. This project will continue for one year, so that we can see the landscape change, but the constant stream of dogs remains the same.

Follow her on Facebook and check out her website to share, educate and save lives.


Enter to win a free Photo Session with Julie Austin!

Western Washington’s Best Pet Photographer is running a contest and giving away a free one hour photo sessionOrnate winter border along with an 8×12 print! All you have to do is sign up to receive her periodic newsletters.

Enter to win today!


Great news… Archbishop Desmond Tutu Takes a Stand on Animal Welfare

When a Nobel Peace Prize winner takes a stand I’m sure hoping people listen!  We need more of this in the world.  Read more!  Archbishop-Desmond-Tutu-002


What would you like to read in blog/newsletter posts from Beyond Barking? Fill in the feedback box below to let me know. Thanks! 


Love Life

Animal Communication Documentary by Anna Breytenbach (2012)

This “must watch” 52 minute full-length documentary film about  interspecies communication is extraordinary!   I was overjoyed when this was shared with me as it’s both a quality and accurate portrayal of how animal communication works and how each of us have the ability to communicate across species.  We are all connected, it’s a matter of  being available and open to receiving information.  Please share far and wide.

animal communication

Clear hear to watch.







Live Sessions at Sam’s Cats & Dogs, January 19, 2014 – Three spots left!

I will be hosting 20 minute in-person animal communication sessions at Sam’s Cats & Dogs, Naturally in Monroe, Washington on Sunday January 19th between noon and 5pm.  There are THREE spots left at 2p, 2:30p and 3p.  To sign up just email me with the time you desire  and make your non-refundable $40 payment by clicking the “Pay Now” button on the events page of my website.  20% of proceeds will be donated to Old Dog Haven.


Please be prepared with your list of questions so we can cover as much as possible in the allotted time. If you can bring your animal companion, fantastic! If not, know it’s not necessary and a photo will work just as well.

It’s going to be a great day for all!




 Love Life


On-site Sessions, Special Savings and Appalasia caught on video!

Palouse tree by Karen Messick


“Try as a meditation, to be with a stone, a flower or a tree, and you will find that they have consciousness. If you become friends with a tree, you will find that the tree will welcome you as a friend.  The tree will be happy to see you.”  ― Swami Dhyan Giten

Photo by Karen Messick



On-Site Animal Communication Sessions Paddywack Storefront

Based on popular demand, I will be doing more on-site and live in-person sessions in the future. August 25th at Paddywack was such a success, that I’m searching for another  location or two that offers private indoor space. Do you know of any locations? If so, let me know! In the meantime, I have phone calls out to three locations and am waiting to hear back.  Paddywack doesn’t have room in-store, so I will return for sessions during the summer months of 2014.  Until then, stay tuned for new locations. You will be the first to know.

I’ll also be doing some upgrades to my website with in-home session options. Please be patient as I’m on my own with website updates and it does take a little time.  If you’re feeling you need an in-person session before the site is updated, feel free to contact me at rachael@beyondbarking.com to discuss.



Special Offer For Blog Followers Only! JULIE AUSTIN PHOTOGRAPHY 100% OFF Session Fee

All sessions include:

Up to three pets and three humans for the photo shoot*.

Three hours of her time for the photo shoot.

Up to two photo shoot locations (Travel time doesn’t count toward the session).

In-person ordering consultation.

Travel up to 100 miles round trip from Snohomish, WA 98290.**

100% all natural and approved tasty treats and  for your best friend.

50+ edited proofs in a password protected online gallery.

Investment: $FREE! Session must take place before November 15,2013. 

There is a $150 deposit which will be applied towards product. There is a $500 minimum order requirement.

* Extra pets and humans are an additional $25 each. This fee includes an extra 15 minutes per pet or human for the photo session in addition to ten extra proofs per pet or human.
** Happy to travel further, but travels fees apply. 


Appalasia Update

Appalasia08012013Truth be told, the wild beast needs her own blog.  If only I could teach her to type!  I say wild beast as it’s become very apparent in her one year with us, that she is absolutely a puppy. She arrived August 1, 2012 with support from many of you. Again, thank you!  After getting through her health issues and the mending of an untreated broken leg, her true colors started to emerge, or so we thought.  Actually, we were still getting the water color version until about  four months ago.  She was finally feeling 100% and ready to rumble. She is a very strong and high energy girl who I catch frequently chasing butterflies, her tail, and anything that moves.  Whoever suggested the stuffed animal on a stick knew what we were in for, and you were right, that’s her favorite toy. Catch and destroy! One day without that game and she entertains herself with my flip flops, shreds carpet edges, de-stuffs her bed, and unloads every last toy from her basket. That’s a lot of work!  She’s a love, she’s a puppy and yes, she has some issues too.

We are working on her fear of men, the broom, the garden hose, anything dropping or being tossed, patting her head, and putting on a harness/collar.  These are her fear points.  She’s also highly protective of us and her pack, for good reason. Yes, she’s nipped. Yes, she broke skin. Yes, we know we are 100% responsible for her and keep her on a short leash when anyone comes around.  Once the person settles in for their visit and acknowledges her, she’s a doll.

I have not spent much time communicating with her about the past. It doesn’t feel right, yet. I do however send her images of getting on her bed, laying in her chair, calming herself when she gets worked up, and going for walks.  She responds to every message. She is exceedingly intelligent both mentally and emotionally. We still have lots of work to do and she is eager to continue. She is a lovely girl and we are so happy to have her. Appalasia sunbathing 2013

She did share that she never had “dog toys.”  Of course, I spoil her with a variety of toys and filled a basket for her to work through. She loves to carry them outside, roll them around in the grass, toss them in the air playing catch, and balance them on two paws while lying on her back. She’s a force I tell ya!

Her favorite game is unloading the dryer. Yes, you read that correctly. Once the toys are all washed and dried she unloads them one by one.  Enjoy the video!

VIDEO LINK – Appalasia’s Clean Toys


Sizzle, Crack, Pop!


Sourced from several locations this is researched data about animals and how they respond to heat. From being left in a car for 10 minutes  to signs of heat stress and treatment. You may be familiar with the concept, but did you know the specifics?  Please share. Knowledge is power and they need us to spread the word.

Truth is, you should NEVER leave your dog (or any other pet) in a hot car, even if only for a few minutes.  A veterinarian documents his experience locked in a car with the windows cracked.  Watch the video.

Tonight our local news station ran a similar story. It’s still hot in the car folks when it’s 75 degrees outside. Komo 4 News Video it’s hot in the car: They can die.  Heat inside car


Watch for signs of heat stress. I just read, sadly, of a dog dying of heatstroke yesterday on a hiking trail in Western Washington….a one-year-old pug.  Animals with short muzzles like pugs, bulldog, boxers and cats are more susceptible to heat stroke but it can strike any animal. Know the signs and act fast.

Know the signs and treatments for heat stroke.

heat stroke dog


Someone asked me today what I was doing for the 4th. I promptly replied that we would be in the  house with all windows and doors sealed, the TV on louder than usual, the clock radio running in the bedroom and stereo playing gentle music throughout the house.  The person looked at me oddly and then said, “You have animals don’t you?”  I laughed and replied, “No, they have me!”

While two of my four dogs are fine, the other two quiver to the bone when the boomers hit, so we drowned out all the noise and watch a movie or play Scrabble.  This year we’re also trying a thunder shirt coupled with Bach’s Rescue Remedy for our nervous friends.dogs-scared-of-fireworks-300x211

Patricia McConnel, PH.D. (Dog Trainer and Behavioral Specialist) wrote a perfect piece today entitled “Let’s Talk Fireworks.”  Give it a read, share, and take care of your fur-babes!

Want more? Ten Tips to keep your dog safe on the 4th of July by Seattle Dog Spot.


Smash what? The window. Would you smash the window to save an animal in trouble?crack window



Summer Happenings

Join me at Paddywack August 17th 

Located in Mill Creek Town Center, Paddywack is a family owned and operated boutique pet store.
Located in Mill Creek Town Center, Paddywack is a family owned and operated boutique pet store.

Do you wonder what your animal is thinking or feeling? Are you searching for answers to better understand their behavior? Maybe you are connected intuitively, but are seeking validation as to the information you are receiving.  I’m offering 20 minute animal communication sessions at Paddywack in Mill Creek Town Center August 17, 2013 between noon and 5pm.  To sign up, please email me with the time you desire (sessions will be on the half-hour, 12p, 12:30p, 1p, 1:30p, etc.)  and make your non-refundable $40 payment by clicking the “Buy Now” button next to the Paddywack button on the rates page of my website. Reservations are required.  Bring your animal companion or a photo, along with your list of questions.

*25% of proceeds will be donated to Old Dog Haven in honor of  International Homeless Animals’ Day.



bumblebeesgoatalympics2012Goatalympics Saturday, July 6th 

A festive, free, family-friendly event, the Goatalympics is ridiculously fun!  Come watch goats and their people compete in foot races, obstacle courses and more.  Take your guess as to who will win Best Trick, Most Spots, Longest Beard and other exciting contests.  Vote in the People’s Choice Awards for Adult and Youth costume contests.   Ages of contestants range from 4 to 64.   Watch this Evening Magazine video for more details about the event: click here!


sailordogPooch-Centric Activities

There are so many local pooch friendly events and fundraisers this summer. Take a peak!

7th Annual Marysville Poochapalooza – July 13, 10a-5p

Old Dog Haven “Walk for Old Dogs” –  July 21, 12p-3p

CityDog Summer Muttmixer: Dog Day on Elliott Bay –  July 28, 11a-6p  (*Treats on-board crafted by the one and only Dorothy of The Dining Dog Cafe in Edmonds.)

Scrubb-A-Mutt 2013 Fundraiser – August 17, 11a-4p





Dear Rachel,

As a result of your session with him, Miles seems a lot happier and more active.  He really seems to get along well with his new companion (and even puts up with her fascination with his tail).  As promised, here are a few pictures of them. It was lovely meeting. You’re as insightful and wonderful in person as in your role as communicator.  -T.L.








With deep gratitude,  thank you all for nominating and voting me About.com Readers’ Choice “Favorite Animal Communicator” finalist,  two years in a row.  Bow wow!  Your continued support is ah-mazing.rca-finalists-big2013



Spring Notes & News

Ear flush and 7 pups

Sometimes the unexpected offers everlasting memories.  Last Saturday I took Cheyenne to the vet for an ear inspection. Itchy ears since we adopted her 4 years ago, periodic checks are essential to avoid hematoma inducing scratching.  Slated for the last appointment of the day, we were hopeful things would be winding down, affording us an expedient visit.

Upon arrival we noticed an unusually empty waiting room.  Our vet came whizzing around the corner exclaiming “We have an emergency c-section!”  With a glimmer in my eye I waived her off, wishing her luck and offering my assistance should it be needed.   Into the waiting room we went, my hubby and Cheyenne  saying without words, “let’s get out of here” to which I respond aloud, “no way you two, if pups are being born we’re staying.”

Within seconds the Doctor bellows, “All hands on deck! Rachael, can you help? We need help!” As quickly as my feet could run, I found myself stationed at a heated table with one, two, three puppies being passed to me. Vet techs circled like butterflies, busily suctioning fluids from their chipmunk mouths before handing me one, two three more.  There we were rub, rub, rubbing their surprisingly durable bodies, working diligently to get them breathing, crying, and squiggling about.  We were waiting for their voices, their communication.  Glorious life!  SEVEN pups were successfully delivered, rubbed to life and ready to nurse. Their Mom, a salt and pepper schnauzer mix, was stitched and on her way to recovery before I left.  We all sighed with relief and joy.

Dr. Sowder treated Cheyenne’s ears, handed us ear medicine to go and informed us the visit was on her.  She thanked us, patted me on the back and said, “You my dear, saved lives today.  Well done.”

Best vet visit ever!


About.com Readers Choice Finalist

Have you voted for Rachael Millikan (Beyond Barking) in the About.com Readers’ Choice Awards for Holistic Healing for FAVORITE ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR?   The voting started February 19 and continues through March 19. You can vote DAILY from multiple email accounts!

About.com 2013 Holistic Healing Awards, FAVORITE ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR
About.com 2013 Holistic Healing Awards

While asking for help in a contest is not my strength,  I’m honored to be included as a finalist two years in a row.  A huge thanks to you for nominating me.  It’s your love and support that opened this door again and together we are spreading the word about animal communication. That’s what matters most, so let’s make it fun!  I’m announcing this late and you can help me catch up by voting daily and sharing. It’s easy!

Direct link: VOTE HERE!


Interview and Animal Communication session on KUOW Public Radio; NPR Seattle

I received a phone call from Katy Sewall (Lead Producer of Weekday, KUOW 94.9 FM)  inquiring about animal communication and asking if I would be willing to host a session on-air. We had a blastl!


The photo below was sent to me a few weeks after the interview along with this note:

“Dear Rachael,

Thanks again for spending time talking about Ulysses. I’ve definitely taken some of the things you said (he said) to heart, and I wanted to let you know how well introducing Ulysses to our daughter has gone. He is in love and seems to think she is his baby. I think this is just what he needed to reinvent himself and grow up a bit.  Here’s a picture of the two of them from day 2 at home together.”

Baby kiss
Baby kiss

* You’ll want to know the back story, trust me.  Turn up the volume and listen to the interview. Enjoy!



Goatalympics 2013! Saturday, July 6!  More details soon from New Moon Goat Farm and Sanctuary.


Princesses - Goatalympics by Julie Austin
Princesses – Goatalympics by Julie Austin




I received a lovely email from a client who had to help her best friend cross the rainbow bridge. After spending most of her childhood and adult life with her horse, she was reaching out with a list of questions as she was facing some toug

h medical decisions. While the horse was ready to transition, his person wasn’t quite there. Clearly, the session helped. It’s an honor to be a trusted conduit in such loving relationships.”Thank you so much, Rachael. I am eternally grateful for this opportunity to have this communication through you. Last night, I sat with him in his shelter and just loved on him and had our own time, where I could actually just be with him, and I can see his physical pain, and as usual, as my tears came down my face, he was right there nudging me letting me know it will be okay. About 20 minutes before I received this email I walked him out to let him be where the grass is best on my property right now, and I could see even more of his pain and sadness, as if he was finally able to really show me that his body is ready to be set free. This is truly a gift from you to me. I will always be forever grateful.”

At the end of my communication session with the horse he showed me an image of himself in a pasture, standing so that I could see his full profile. As he turned away he became a beautiful deep bluish purple and walked slowly, disappearing into the shadows. There was a sense of calm, relief and peace.

Run free sweet Storme. You are loved.


 A girl and her horse by Julia Watkins
A girl and her horse by Julia Watkins


Art by Julia Watkins.


Special Holiday Offer on Zaarly

Kiba in his scarf by Julie Austin Photography
Kiba in his scarf by Julie Austin Photography

Seattle just joined San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Kansas City with the debut of their ZAARLY online storefront, and Beyond Barking is honored to be included!  The new Zaarly storefront platform was designed to bring local communities together offering a marketplace where your purchases support independent neighbors in your community.  Cool, huh?  You can also post your needs or services requested under the “request anything” field to see if what you need is available.  For example, maybe you need a handyman to help finish that living room paint and molding job, want a winter lawn service or need special invitations for an upcoming event.  It’s all on Zaarly!

Still looking for a holiday gift?  Why not give the experience of animal communication?  My special holiday offer expires on 12/24 and is only $55.00.  Check out this link for my package offerings on Zaarly – Rachael Millikan and please give me a “favorite” when you visit the site.  You can even post a review if you’re inspired.

I purchased the custom wood earring tree for $33 from Captains Wood Works, Captains Wood Works and I love it!  I have my eye on the alteration offers via Katy Flynn Designs (all my pants are too long) and the guilt-free chocolate truffles made by baker Tonia Hume for an upcoming holiday gathering.

Be sure to share this news with friends and family!  This is a great way to support independent business folks this season.  Let the shopping begin!

For more information: Geekwire Article