Animal communication sessions, mirroring and hugs

Thank you for the referrals!     Bird-says-thank-you

To all of you, thank you so much for the referrals. In my opinion, referrals are the highest compliment one can be paid.  It’s an honor to hear from others who were sent by you. Big love.



A Classic Case of Mirroring

It was Monday morning, only this Monday was a bit different. We hosted family from the East Coast the week prior and the “Grandpets” were showered with an abundance of love and attention from extended family.  With all the extra excitement and change in pattern I noticed all four tucking themselves in at night before the rest of us.  A great time was had by all and then our company left. We had a full quiet weekend together before the Monday morning alarm sounded.

During that time, my hubby and I had extensive conversations about lifestyle change. How do we step out of the daily-grind and step into living more? Do we need to move to a location where the cost of living is lower? How can we work from home more so we can be with the dogs and escape the daily commute? What needs to happen for us to spend more time together, with our pack?  Of course, all 8 other ears were listening intently. It doesn’t take an intuit to know they want us home more. Our conversation was met with loads of licks and wagging tails, not unusual for any conversation about more “time” together.

Fast forward to Monday. We grunted when the alarm sounded. Quickly hitting the snooze button we all curled back into our toasty spots. Again, the alarm. None of us happy Monday was upon us, not ready to be back in our own version of Groundhog’s Day, we slowly peeled ourselves from the bed, smiling and wagging at each other.  It was the usual genuine smiling and wagging, but this time there was an undercurrent of disappointment.  All six of us wanted the shift in lifestyle we talked about over the weekend to magically happen, instead, we were on track for the norm. It was more than apparent that none of us were happy about the situation.  Could it just be coming off of vacation? Was it the Monday morning blues? What was different?

Stay home and have coffee with me, right here!
Stay home and have coffee with me, right here!

Ready to take on the morning commute with coffees and lunches in tow, we turned to say goodbye to the pack only one was missing. “Where’s Muddy?” We trolled room to room calling his name and no Muddy. Eli walked me to the sliding door and guess who was sitting at the picnic table in his favorite chair?  Muddy Bones!  After forgiving myself for not noticing he wasn’t in the house (that’s a first) I engaged in a conversation with him.  Guess what he said?  Yup, you nailed it. He didn’t want us to leave. He knew we didn’t want to go and was mirroring our exact feelings and desires. My husband and I agreed on our drive to work that he too was envisioning having coffee in the backyard at the table with the dogs around us, reading our books and lounging yet one more day. There we were looking at ourselves through the eyes of Muddy.

Our animal companions mirror our thoughts, feelings, and even our desires. By seeing ourselves through their eyes aspects of us that need to be nurtured and pampered are often revealed. Keep it in mind as you walk through life with your best friends.


Paddywack - Lots of goodies for all types of critters!
Paddywack – Lots of goodies for all types of critters!

Two Openings Left!

There are two openings left for on-site animal communication sessions this Sunday, August 24th at Paddywack in Mill Creek Town Center! If you would like to register for your 20 minute intuitive animal communication session please register today at  You can bring your animal companion with you or we can work from a photo. Of course, these sessions are always available for animals that are with us or those who’ve crossed over.



Chat & Smile September 13th in Kirkland, Washington

Why not sign up for a mini-photo session and get your professional family photos with the ‘Best Pet Photographer’ in Western Washington, Julie Austin?  Not only has she been voted the best two years running, she’s easy to work with and communicates well with the animals. They get it and smile for her camera!  Ok, fair enough, she also provides awesome cookie treats. These are her last mini-photos sessions of the year and photo sessions will be held at Carillon Point in Kirkland.  It’s never too soon to get your family photo for holiday cards, right?  erika-Kirkland

Before or after your photo session come on over to Natural Pet Pantry, also in Kirkland, for an animal communication session with me. I’ll be hosting 25 minute sessions on site between 12-5pm and promise a follow-up with an e-mail suggesting a stone or crystal to benefit the health of your animal companion.  SIGN UP, bring your friends and spread the word!



New Moon – the fundraising continues


New Moon makes a difference for the animals and the future.
New Moon makes a difference for the animals and the future.

In case you missed it, the New Moon Goat Farm Goat Rescue and Sanctuary is diligently working toward the purchase of a piece of property adjacent to their current land. Buying it will allow for the addition of a caretaker and will ensure the long-term future of New Moon. If you haven’t already donated, please consider it. Every penny counts and without your support the Rescue is at risk.

For more information about their efforts and why your help is needed here’s a comprehensive article in The Herald.   Support and donate here.



Both Ends of the Leash  bothendsoftheleash

I was featured in a superb article for the August edition of Blue City Monthly – give it a read!  “Both Ends of the Leash” by Elizabeth Griffin



Dog hugging, yes or no?

This is a pretty interesting article posted in Mother Nature Network about the dislikes of most dogs.

Don't hug me!
Don’t hug me!

What are your thoughts?  11 things humans do that dogs hate

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