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Animal Communication Documentary by Anna Breytenbach (2012)

This “must watch” 52 minute full-length documentary film about  interspecies communication is extraordinary!   I was overjoyed when this was shared with me as it’s both a quality and accurate portrayal of how animal communication works and how each of us have the ability to communicate across species.  We are all connected, it’s a matter of  being available and open to receiving information.  Please share far and wide.

animal communication

Clear hear to watch.







Live Sessions at Sam’s Cats & Dogs, January 19, 2014 – Three spots left!

I will be hosting 20 minute in-person animal communication sessions at Sam’s Cats & Dogs, Naturally in Monroe, Washington on Sunday January 19th between noon and 5pm.  There are THREE spots left at 2p, 2:30p and 3p.  To sign up just email me with the time you desire  and make your non-refundable $40 payment by clicking the “Pay Now” button on the events page of my website.  20% of proceeds will be donated to Old Dog Haven.


Please be prepared with your list of questions so we can cover as much as possible in the allotted time. If you can bring your animal companion, fantastic! If not, know it’s not necessary and a photo will work just as well.

It’s going to be a great day for all!




 Love Life

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