On-site Sessions, Special Savings and Appalasia caught on video!

Palouse tree by Karen Messick


“Try as a meditation, to be with a stone, a flower or a tree, and you will find that they have consciousness. If you become friends with a tree, you will find that the tree will welcome you as a friend.  The tree will be happy to see you.”  ― Swami Dhyan Giten

Photo by Karen Messick



On-Site Animal Communication Sessions Paddywack Storefront

Based on popular demand, I will be doing more on-site and live in-person sessions in the future. August 25th at Paddywack was such a success, that I’m searching for another  location or two that offers private indoor space. Do you know of any locations? If so, let me know! In the meantime, I have phone calls out to three locations and am waiting to hear back.  Paddywack doesn’t have room in-store, so I will return for sessions during the summer months of 2014.  Until then, stay tuned for new locations. You will be the first to know.

I’ll also be doing some upgrades to my website with in-home session options. Please be patient as I’m on my own with website updates and it does take a little time.  If you’re feeling you need an in-person session before the site is updated, feel free to contact me at rachael@beyondbarking.com to discuss.



Special Offer For Blog Followers Only! JULIE AUSTIN PHOTOGRAPHY 100% OFF Session Fee

All sessions include:

Up to three pets and three humans for the photo shoot*.

Three hours of her time for the photo shoot.

Up to two photo shoot locations (Travel time doesn’t count toward the session).

In-person ordering consultation.

Travel up to 100 miles round trip from Snohomish, WA 98290.**

100% all natural and approved tasty treats and  for your best friend.

50+ edited proofs in a password protected online gallery.

Investment: $FREE! Session must take place before November 15,2013. 

There is a $150 deposit which will be applied towards product. There is a $500 minimum order requirement.

* Extra pets and humans are an additional $25 each. This fee includes an extra 15 minutes per pet or human for the photo session in addition to ten extra proofs per pet or human.
** Happy to travel further, but travels fees apply. 


Appalasia Update

Appalasia08012013Truth be told, the wild beast needs her own blog.  If only I could teach her to type!  I say wild beast as it’s become very apparent in her one year with us, that she is absolutely a puppy. She arrived August 1, 2012 with support from many of you. Again, thank you!  After getting through her health issues and the mending of an untreated broken leg, her true colors started to emerge, or so we thought.  Actually, we were still getting the water color version until about  four months ago.  She was finally feeling 100% and ready to rumble. She is a very strong and high energy girl who I catch frequently chasing butterflies, her tail, and anything that moves.  Whoever suggested the stuffed animal on a stick knew what we were in for, and you were right, that’s her favorite toy. Catch and destroy! One day without that game and she entertains herself with my flip flops, shreds carpet edges, de-stuffs her bed, and unloads every last toy from her basket. That’s a lot of work!  She’s a love, she’s a puppy and yes, she has some issues too.

We are working on her fear of men, the broom, the garden hose, anything dropping or being tossed, patting her head, and putting on a harness/collar.  These are her fear points.  She’s also highly protective of us and her pack, for good reason. Yes, she’s nipped. Yes, she broke skin. Yes, we know we are 100% responsible for her and keep her on a short leash when anyone comes around.  Once the person settles in for their visit and acknowledges her, she’s a doll.

I have not spent much time communicating with her about the past. It doesn’t feel right, yet. I do however send her images of getting on her bed, laying in her chair, calming herself when she gets worked up, and going for walks.  She responds to every message. She is exceedingly intelligent both mentally and emotionally. We still have lots of work to do and she is eager to continue. She is a lovely girl and we are so happy to have her. Appalasia sunbathing 2013

She did share that she never had “dog toys.”  Of course, I spoil her with a variety of toys and filled a basket for her to work through. She loves to carry them outside, roll them around in the grass, toss them in the air playing catch, and balance them on two paws while lying on her back. She’s a force I tell ya!

Her favorite game is unloading the dryer. Yes, you read that correctly. Once the toys are all washed and dried she unloads them one by one.  Enjoy the video!

VIDEO LINK – Appalasia’s Clean Toys

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