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Sourced from several locations this is researched data about animals and how they respond to heat. From being left in a car for 10 minutes  to signs of heat stress and treatment. You may be familiar with the concept, but did you know the specifics?  Please share. Knowledge is power and they need us to spread the word.

Truth is, you should NEVER leave your dog (or any other pet) in a hot car, even if only for a few minutes.  A veterinarian documents his experience locked in a car with the windows cracked.  Watch the video.

Tonight our local news station ran a similar story. It’s still hot in the car folks when it’s 75 degrees outside. Komo 4 News Video it’s hot in the car: They can die.  Heat inside car


Watch for signs of heat stress. I just read, sadly, of a dog dying of heatstroke yesterday on a hiking trail in Western Washington….a one-year-old pug.  Animals with short muzzles like pugs, bulldog, boxers and cats are more susceptible to heat stroke but it can strike any animal. Know the signs and act fast.

Know the signs and treatments for heat stroke.

heat stroke dog


Someone asked me today what I was doing for the 4th. I promptly replied that we would be in the  house with all windows and doors sealed, the TV on louder than usual, the clock radio running in the bedroom and stereo playing gentle music throughout the house.  The person looked at me oddly and then said, “You have animals don’t you?”  I laughed and replied, “No, they have me!”

While two of my four dogs are fine, the other two quiver to the bone when the boomers hit, so we drowned out all the noise and watch a movie or play Scrabble.  This year we’re also trying a thunder shirt coupled with Bach’s Rescue Remedy for our nervous friends.dogs-scared-of-fireworks-300x211

Patricia McConnel, PH.D. (Dog Trainer and Behavioral Specialist) wrote a perfect piece today entitled “Let’s Talk Fireworks.”  Give it a read, share, and take care of your fur-babes!

Want more? Ten Tips to keep your dog safe on the 4th of July by Seattle Dog Spot.


Smash what? The window. Would you smash the window to save an animal in trouble?crack window


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