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Ear flush and 7 pups

Sometimes the unexpected offers everlasting memories.  Last Saturday I took Cheyenne to the vet for an ear inspection. Itchy ears since we adopted her 4 years ago, periodic checks are essential to avoid hematoma inducing scratching.  Slated for the last appointment of the day, we were hopeful things would be winding down, affording us an expedient visit.

Upon arrival we noticed an unusually empty waiting room.  Our vet came whizzing around the corner exclaiming “We have an emergency c-section!”  With a glimmer in my eye I waived her off, wishing her luck and offering my assistance should it be needed.   Into the waiting room we went, my hubby and Cheyenne  saying without words, “let’s get out of here” to which I respond aloud, “no way you two, if pups are being born we’re staying.”

Within seconds the Doctor bellows, “All hands on deck! Rachael, can you help? We need help!” As quickly as my feet could run, I found myself stationed at a heated table with one, two, three puppies being passed to me. Vet techs circled like butterflies, busily suctioning fluids from their chipmunk mouths before handing me one, two three more.  There we were rub, rub, rubbing their surprisingly durable bodies, working diligently to get them breathing, crying, and squiggling about.  We were waiting for their voices, their communication.  Glorious life!  SEVEN pups were successfully delivered, rubbed to life and ready to nurse. Their Mom, a salt and pepper schnauzer mix, was stitched and on her way to recovery before I left.  We all sighed with relief and joy.

Dr. Sowder treated Cheyenne’s ears, handed us ear medicine to go and informed us the visit was on her.  She thanked us, patted me on the back and said, “You my dear, saved lives today.  Well done.”

Best vet visit ever!


About.com Readers Choice Finalist

Have you voted for Rachael Millikan (Beyond Barking) in the About.com Readers’ Choice Awards for Holistic Healing for FAVORITE ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR?   The voting started February 19 and continues through March 19. You can vote DAILY from multiple email accounts!

About.com 2013 Holistic Healing Awards, FAVORITE ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR
About.com 2013 Holistic Healing Awards

While asking for help in a contest is not my strength,  I’m honored to be included as a finalist two years in a row.  A huge thanks to you for nominating me.  It’s your love and support that opened this door again and together we are spreading the word about animal communication. That’s what matters most, so let’s make it fun!  I’m announcing this late and you can help me catch up by voting daily and sharing. It’s easy!

Direct link: VOTE HERE!


Interview and Animal Communication session on KUOW Public Radio; NPR Seattle

I received a phone call from Katy Sewall (Lead Producer of Weekday, KUOW 94.9 FM)  inquiring about animal communication and asking if I would be willing to host a session on-air. We had a blastl!


The photo below was sent to me a few weeks after the interview along with this note:

“Dear Rachael,

Thanks again for spending time talking about Ulysses. I’ve definitely taken some of the things you said (he said) to heart, and I wanted to let you know how well introducing Ulysses to our daughter has gone. He is in love and seems to think she is his baby. I think this is just what he needed to reinvent himself and grow up a bit.  Here’s a picture of the two of them from day 2 at home together.”

Baby kiss
Baby kiss

* You’ll want to know the back story, trust me.  Turn up the volume and listen to the interview. Enjoy!



Goatalympics 2013! Saturday, July 6!  More details soon from New Moon Goat Farm and Sanctuary.


Princesses - Goatalympics by Julie Austin
Princesses – Goatalympics by Julie Austin


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