I received a lovely email from a client who had to help her best friend cross the rainbow bridge. After spending most of her childhood and adult life with her horse, she was reaching out with a list of questions as she was facing some toug

h medical decisions. While the horse was ready to transition, his person wasn’t quite there. Clearly, the session helped. It’s an honor to be a trusted conduit in such loving relationships.”Thank you so much, Rachael. I am eternally grateful for this opportunity to have this communication through you. Last night, I sat with him in his shelter and just loved on him and had our own time, where I could actually just be with him, and I can see his physical pain, and as usual, as my tears came down my face, he was right there nudging me letting me know it will be okay. About 20 minutes before I received this email I walked him out to let him be where the grass is best on my property right now, and I could see even more of his pain and sadness, as if he was finally able to really show me that his body is ready to be set free. This is truly a gift from you to me. I will always be forever grateful.”

At the end of my communication session with the horse he showed me an image of himself in a pasture, standing so that I could see his full profile. As he turned away he became a beautiful deep bluish purple and walked slowly, disappearing into the shadows. There was a sense of calm, relief and peace.

Run free sweet Storme. You are loved.


 A girl and her horse by Julia Watkins
A girl and her horse by Julia Watkins


Art by Julia Watkins.

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