Special Holiday Offer on Zaarly

Kiba in his scarf by Julie Austin Photography
Kiba in his scarf by Julie Austin Photography

Seattle just joined San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Kansas City with the debut of their ZAARLY online storefront, and Beyond Barking is honored to be included!  The new Zaarly storefront platform was designed to bring local communities together offering a marketplace where your purchases support independent neighbors in your community.  Cool, huh?  You can also post your needs or services requested under the “request anything” field to see if what you need is available.  For example, maybe you need a handyman to help finish that living room paint and molding job, want a winter lawn service or need special invitations for an upcoming event.  It’s all on Zaarly!

Still looking for a holiday gift?  Why not give the experience of animal communication?  My special holiday offer expires on 12/24 and is only $55.00.  Check out this link for my package offerings on Zaarly – Rachael Millikan and please give me a “favorite” when you visit the site.  You can even post a review if you’re inspired.

I purchased the custom wood earring tree for $33 from Captains Wood Works, Captains Wood Works and I love it!  I have my eye on the alteration offers via Katy Flynn Designs (all my pants are too long) and the guilt-free chocolate truffles made by baker Tonia Hume for an upcoming holiday gathering.

Be sure to share this news with friends and family!  This is a great way to support independent business folks this season.  Let the shopping begin!

For more information: Geekwire Article

2 thoughts on “Special Holiday Offer on Zaarly

  1. Amanda says:

    Love the post and especially love the photo of Kiba! (I have a jack russel terrier mix and have been trying to think of a christmas pose/outfit for her w/o being ridiculous….so sweet)

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