Smiling Animals

Eli smiles, not often, but it does happen.

I follow a few blogs, but one of my favorites is that of author Jon Katz and The Bedlam Farm.   My eyes sail over his words, my mind creates images that expand on his photos and my heart soars as he ponders life with animals.  Today however, I caught his post “Do Dogs Smile?” and snorted, then sneezed my coffee in shock, all while quickly outstretching for a tissue to the rescue.   The image posted with the blog was his border collie, clearly smiling.  How, Jon Katz, can you ask such a question with your well aligned head and heart?

Of course, I hopped on FaceBook and launched my .10 cents pronto!  “All animals smile, of course they do, they have a spectrum of emotions just like us. We see it every day and still ask the question?  Smiling is a universal language”.

Do your animals smile? Do you think it’s learned? Do you think they are responding to your emotions?  Their emotions? Both?  Tell me, do you think animals smile?


Eli smiles, not often, but it does happen.
Eli smiles (and winks). Not frequently, but when he feels it, he brings it. JOY!

2 thoughts on “Smiling Animals

  1. Great pic of a toothy grin from Eli! I used to have a subscription to BARK Magazine, exclusively for the smiling centerfold pages. I would pore over every single little photo on the pages, tapping into how each happy smiler was feeling. A few were shy of the camera, and some more gleeful than others, but almost all of them were actual smiles. I agree these smiles are easy to see. I think people tend to discount dog smiles, because many other mammals don’t have smiles, but dogs and humans are so spiritually similar (I am now thinking of that dog documentary that shows we have a closer relationship with dogs and a longer history with them than with any other animal), we actually have a lot of the same body language.

    • Beyond Barking says:

      Hi Katrina! You are so on it. That centerfold spread in BARK Magazine creates a monthly giggle fest around here. It’s nice to see so many well-loved dogs grinning away, knowing how good life is. What’s the name of the documentary? I’m hoping I haven’t seen it yet 😉

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