Awakening Your Inner Animal Communicator

I’ve always enjoyed deepening my experience and education, especially when it comes to animals.  How about you?

Are you ready to try a webinar, class, or multi-day workshop?  How about sharpen your skills, interact with new people and meet some new animals?  Why not dive into animal communication a little deeper?  The more animal communicators in the world, the better for us all!

There are a plethora of upcoming events, see if any tickle your fancy.  Almost all of these sites also offer books, CD’s and DVD’s with instructional materials for at-home study if that better suits you.

Greata and Woody by Julie Austin
Greata and Woody by Julie Austin

Animal Reiki and shamanism classes with Rose De Dan:

Animal Talk with Penelope Smith:

Author and Animal Communicator Amelia Kinkade:

The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication:

Small & Large Animal Massage and seminars offered on a range of topics:

“Bridging New Science and Animal Spirituality” – England

Here’s to opening some new doors to best connect with the critters – CHEERS!



Barn Owl by Karen Messick
Barn Owl by Karen Messick

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