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On the heels of Katrina’s 6 year anniversary, recent hurricane Irene and nationwide flooding that often goes unreported, I’ve decided it’s time to build an altar; an altar for animals.  This altar will allow me to focus my intentions and well-wishes for animals plagued by ongoing natural disasters.

Over the years, I’ve had many “personal” altars based on Vastu Shastra (Indian Feng Shui) and the book “Altars of Power and Grace“.  This, however, is different.  The act of building this particular altar is certainly personal, and I’m still attempting to manifest positive results, but the desired outcome is to attract universal support for animals.

Because the universe responds to intention, with all things inevitably interconnected, why not put that intention into motion via the creation of an altar to manifest and activate what the heart desires?

The below altar created by Carla Dimitriou is an altar to the Katrina Pet Holocaust.  She joined a group of volunteers to rescue pets from houses where the inhabitants were forced to leave their critters.  This altar was built to honor the experience without the residual pain; a releasing while remembering.

Some notes about the altar:

The Madonna center piece has the names of the streets travelled.

The altar is constructed on top of a wire dog crate.

The bowl on top contains debris of sand, dirt, rocks, part of a doll and a small woman’s shoe collected from the point of the levee breach on the Industrial Canal.

Other debris in the bowl was collected from the Lower 9th Ward alongside the barge, Mystigo, which crashed through the levee flattening the homes where many families lived for generations.

by Carla Dimitriou


4 thoughts on “Altar for Animals

  1. Claire says:

    I love and support the idea of an altar of positive intention for all animals. So much attention is put on the tragedies. Those occurrences pull at my heart as well but in the understanding that energy follow focus, I have decided to direct as much or more focus to the divinity of all animals. The altar is a wonderful suggestion and reminder. Thank you!

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