Bix Crosses

Ellen, the Matriarch of New Moon Goat Farm knew Bix best so I asked for her “take” on things.  In fact, she spent more time with Bix than most of the goats on the farm, trying to help him heal while he was there. Poor guy just came in ill.  That said, he had golden days on the farm, was finally at peace knowing he was home and left more complete then in he came in. 

When I met Bix (not knowing any of his story) he told me very clearly that he had a broken heart.  I shared this with Ellen.  She told me about Lorelei, who had passed away 3 months prior.  Seemed Bix had not forgotten – at all.  It’s my wish, that Bix and Lorelei have been blissfully reunited in fields of green where fresh red apples are abundant.

“When Bix and his companion Lorelei arrived at NMF last fall, they were in rough shape.  Though their owners seemed to care about the goats, they had let their care go to the point of neglect.  Both were very thin, had hoof rot, and were dealing with both lice and mites.  They were also carrying heavy internal parasite loads.  After several treatments, we got the bugs under control, but the damage to their digestive systems was already done.  Lorelei passed away in December, and Bix mourned her loss deeply.  Despite all sorts of treatments and supplements, Bix could not seem to put on weight.  The vet suspected cancer, in addition to organ damage and depression.  Bix also had painful sores in his feet that did not respond to the myriad of treatments suggested by several veterinarians.  Ultimately, we determined that his immune system was just too weak to handle everything the world was throwing at him.  His body just didn’t have the strength to fight back.  Though he always had a twinkle in his eye, and a ravenous appetite, it was clear that he was suffering.  Though he had finally bonded with another senior goat here at the farm, and was enjoying his days basking in the sun, his expression showed the pain he was feeling.  After much soul searching, the decision was made to let Bix “go,” before his pain became unbearable.  He seemed to understand that he was “home,” and loved.  He passed with a mouthful of apple slices, surrounded by his herd.  Bix was buried in his favorite sunning spot, on a hill overlooking the pastures. 

No tears.  Bix is at peace.”

KVOS TV visited the farm.  Enjoy the video and interview.

One thought on “Bix Crosses

  1. Carol D. Gentz says:

    I saw this photo and article in the Aug. 16 Herald, and was so touched by the goat’s expression of pure joy. I’m so grateful there are people such as Rachael and Ellen to care for our animal family.
    I’m glad Bix got to enjoy his final time with such caring people.

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