Stop Abusing Coffee

Coffee is FORCED to sit outside Citi Field in New Jersey with a pipe in her mouth (her teeth are missing and it seems an adhesive is used) for every Mets home game. She “sits” for hours with her costume, shock collar, no food, water or rest. All animal angels are uniting, spearheaded by Jason Long, the owner of FaceBook pages Stop Abusing Coffee and Don’t Be Cruel.

Both pages have a rabid following of animal lovers who strive to stop animal abuse as well as work toward more stringent and enforced laws.

Jason and I were chatting and he suggested I check in with Coffee, so I did.

A Chat With Ms. Coffee

We see you, we hear you, we will help you!

3 thoughts on “Stop Abusing Coffee

  1. Karen Messick says:

    I sure hope her “boss” owner gets your conversation with Coffee and is kind enough to LISTEN. Her teeth were extracted? How terrible! Keep up the great work!!

  2. jane jones says:

    please do an update on this story. just found you on the internet searching animal communicators. has the local humane society been called? this is so sad and sickening. what can we do to help?

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