After a very long break from the work and some time to review the last 5 years, I’ve decided it’s time for more living and less working. While 2016 was a banner year for Beyond Barking, time with my pack, family and friends was extremely limited. I have a day job I also love and loading up sessions in addition to my regular gig was becoming too much. Add to that, the nature of the business includes emergency calls for health issues, lost animals, 24/7 emails/texts and often end-of-life guidance. Often, it’s more about helping/counseling people than actually helping animals.

So, it’s with much thought and consideration that I’m writing to let you know I’m closing my doors. Might I open again in the future? Maybe. I will keep all of your emails and if I do, you will be the first to know. I realize this is a big blow to some of you, as you have expressed it already via letter to me. I’m truly sorry if I’m letting anyone down, as that’s not my intention. I understand it’s very personal work and so I’ve created a comprehensive list of referrals for you to have on-hand should you need a session. Please type in their names on Google, followed by Animal Communicator to get to their websites. These are all quality folks who do the work regularly with high praise. Some teach classes, offer international workshops and self-study options.

Thank you all for your support over the last several years as well as your understanding as I break from the work to regroup, tend to my family, spend more time with my husband and three dogs. My website will be coming down, though I will keep the domain name. My personal email address is if you want to keep that in file for any reason. In the meantime, here’s the list:

Carol Guerney
Celeste Robinette
Cindy Rackley
Joan Ranquet
Martha Williams
Nancy Windheart
Polly Klein
Stacy Krafczyk – All Spirit Healing
Tim Link

If you have any questions about my letter or want to send me an email, please do. I’ll be here, just probably not replying as quickly as I have been in the past.

Thank you again for a fantastic five years of wonderful visits, correspondence, laughs, cries and magical experiences. Remember, trust yourself when using your intuitive muscles.

With love,